Podcast: The Business Of Banking Youth

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Can youth savings in the developing world be good social policy and make business sense for banks? New America Senior Policy Analyst Scarlett Aldebot-Green and guest, Tanaya Kilara, a Financial Sector Analyst for the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor, discuss a new framework that helps financial institutions decide whether, when, and how banking youth can be good for business.

Podcast: In The Tank: Player One Has Escaped Poverty

Friday, March 1, 2013

Marking the release of Half the Sky: The Game, New America's Jamie Zimmerman and Greta Byrum discuss the potential for social cause gaming and mobile games to raise awareness and spur behavior change toward girls' and women's social and economic empowerment.

Podcast: The Young and the Entrepreneurial

Jamie Zimmerman, New America Foundation
Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Zeenat Rahman, the State Department's Special Adviser on Global Youth Issues and Director of the Office of Global Youth Issues and YouthSave's Jamie Zimmerman discuss the critical role the under-30 crowd is playing in the global economy, and what we can do to help them achieve their full economic potential.

Vodcast: On-the-Ground Perspectives from Kenya Post Office Savings Bank

Eric Tyler, New America Foundation
Wednesday, October 31, 2012


“The youth will not only have savings in terms of money in the account, but their behavior, the way they carry out their lives, and the way they do things will have have been changed.”


Podcast: Rani Deshpande and Ruth Dueck-Mbeba Share Insights on Youth and Their Money

Nicole Tosh, New America Foundation
Wednesday, August 8, 2012

At the recent YouthSave event, Youth and Their Money, Rani Deshpande, Director of YouthSave at Save the Children, and Ruth Dueck-Mbeba, Program Manager at MasterCard Foundation sat down with New America Program Associate, Vishnu Sridharan, to discuss the business case for youth savings, the priorities of the MasterCard Foundation in microsavings and youth savings, and how youth manage their money.


Podcast: The ‘Youth Voice’ in Youth Savings

Payal Pathak, New America Foundation
Friday, March 23, 2012


"In this podcast, we highlight the youth voice, hearing directly from four exceptional young people living in Kibera. Botul, Sofia, Idris and Zuhora tell us about their savings goals, challenges, and plans for the future. The interviews provide a snapshot of what owning a savings account truly means from the perspective of a YouthSaver."


Podcast: Perspectives from YouthSave Financial Partners: Is there a Business Case for Youth Savings Accounts?

Payal Pathak, New America Foundation
Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In this podcast, Payal Pathak, Policy Analyst for the Global Assets Project at the New America Foundation, highlights key takeaways from YouthSave’s Financial Institution Learning Exchange in Nairobi, Kenya. During the event, members of the YouthSave Project including Consortium representatives, financial institutions and researchers gathered to discuss and debate several questions emerging from the youth savings field; for example, can youth savings accounts be commercially sustainable?

New Podcast: Barriers to Financial Capability and Education for Youth

By Payal Pathak, New America Foundation

Financial capability is a term increasingly used by many development practitioners, policy makers, and researchers concerned with youth development and their future financial wellbeing. However, there are varying perspectives on how to define, design, and deliver effective financial capability interventions across the youth-inclusive financial services field. This podcast features key insights that our expert advisory board members shared during YouthSave's first multi-stakeholder meeting in Bogotá, Colombia, when asked about the barriers to financial capability and financial education for low-income youth.

New Vodcast: Youth Savings - Challenges and Opportunities in Product Development and Delivery

By Payal Pathak, New America Foundation

On February 14th, the YouthSave Project hosted its first multi-stakeholder meeting in Bogota, Colombia to discuss project progress and engage our stakeholders on topics that can improve YouthSave’s efforts in developing, delivering and testing youth savings products targeted at low-income youth. This vodcast features key insights that our expert advisory board members shared when asked about the challenges and opportunities in savings product development and delivery for youth, a topic that was discussed at length during the event.