Regulatory Environments for Youth Savings in the Developing World: Uptake vs. Usage

Scarlett Aldebot-Green, New America Foundation
Thursday, October 30, 2014

"...even when uptake is facilitated by extensive outreach to youth and by the creation of more flexible regulation regarding identity and control, usage of youth accounts is not as promising as practitioners would hope..."

Context Matters for Youth Saving: Early Findings on Institutional Context in Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nepal

Julia Stevens and Sarah Meyers, Center for Social Development
Wednesday, September 21, 2011


"These Case Studies reflect the perspectives of key informants from YouthSave partner institutions, financial institutions, and government ministries for youth and development."

Blog: Regulatory Advancements and Institutional Development Anticipate the Work of YouthSave

By Julia Stevens, Sarah Myers, and Li Zou, Center for Social Development

Early data collected by CSD and its Research Partners indicate that regulatory environments and partner financial institutions in all four implementation countries—Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nepal—are expanding their efforts at financial inclusion of unbanked, low-income youth.

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